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Merchandise Description


Articolo-Artikel-               Artwork. No.- L                                     mm D                     mm  Materiale-Material-Substance-
410.2142.825S 250     Sq. eight inox                        Edelstahl  
Stainless Steel               
410.2142.850S 500     Sq. eight
410.2142.725S 250      Hex.7
410.2142.750S 500     Hex. seven
410.2142.xxxS Customerized
410.2142.825C 250     Sq. 8 Ferro                       Stahl                         steel                            
410.2142.850C 500     Sq. eight
410.2142.725C 250      Hex.7
410.2142.750C 500      Hex.7
410.2142.xxxC Customerized
Compatible with CZPT Equipment Winches and handcranks art.411.201 collection.              

We, SIGATE CZPT UP, can provide you with:
one. Entire variety of roller shutter accessories.
2. Tubular motors 35mm, 45mm, 59mm and 92mm, Central CZPT s.
3. Insect Screens Technique and elements.
4. Extruded CZPT Profiles.

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china shop Roller Shutter, Cardan Joints 90 Degree manufacturers