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Item Description

Tiny Type Doulbe CZPT s Cardan CZPT (WS)

one. It is suited for transmission coupling area on the exact same aircraft of two axis angle beta β≤45°, the nominal torque transmission 11.2-1120N. 
2.The WSD variety is a solitary joint CZPT coupling, and the WS sort is a double joint CZPT coupling.
3.Each and every section amongst the premier axis angle 45º.
4.The concluded gap H7, in accordance to the requirements of keyseating, 6 square gap and square hole.
5.The angle in between the two axes is allowed in a constrained assortment as the work needs alter.

d(H7) D          L0 L L1           m/kg            I/kg·m2
Y J1 Y J1 Y J1 Y J1 Y J1 Y J1 Y J1
11.2 8 16 60 80 20 20 0.23 0.32 0.06 0.08
10 sixty six sixty 86 eighty 25 22 .two .29 .05 .07
22.4 10 20 70 64 96 90 26 0.sixty four 0.57 0.93 0.88 0.1 0.09 0.fifteen 0.fifteen
twelve 84 74 110 100 32 27
45 12 25 90 80 122 112 32 1.forty five 1.3 1.ninety five 0.seventeen 0.fifteen 0.24 0.22
71 16 32 116 82 154 130 42 30 38 5.92 4.86 8.fifty six 0.forty eight 0.39 0.32 0.fifty six 0.49
140 19 40 144 116 192 164 48 16.three 12.9 24 20.6 0.seventy two 0.fifty nine 1.04 0.ninety one
twenty 52 38
280 24 50 152 124 210 182 52 38 58 45.7 36.7 68.nine 59.7 1.28 1.03 1.89 1.sixty four
twenty five 172 136 330 194 62 44
560 30 60 226 182 296 252 82 60 70 148 117 207 177 2.82 2.31 3.9 3.38
1120 38 75 240 196 332 288 92 396 338 585 525 5.03 4.41 7.25 6.63
forty 300 244 392 336 112 84

Item Demonstrate

WS cardan shaft is a double joint variety CZPT cardan joint.
one. It is suited for transmission coupling place on the same aircraft of two axis angle beta β≤45°, the nominal torque transmission eleven.2-1120N. 
two.The WSD type is a solitary cross CZPT coupling, and the WS type is a double cross CZPT coupling.
three.Each part amongst the greatest axis angle 45º.
4.The completed gap H7, according to the demands of keyseating, six square hole and sq. gap.
5.The angle amongst the two axes is authorized in a restricted selection as the function needs alter.

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china shop Ws Double Cross Shaft Universal Joint manufacturers