china sales Universal Joints For South American Vehicles(CZ-218 CZ-289 CZ-116 CZ-117 CZ-185 CZ-186 CZ-280 CZ-171 CZ-172 CZ-180 CZ-226 CZ-227) manufacturers

Product Description

Product Description

A CZPT joint bearing(common coupling, U-joint, Spicer or Hardy Spicer joint, Cardan joint, or Hooke’s joint) is a kind of bearing composed of cross/coupling/spider and four 4 grease-stuffed needle roller bearings.It is commonly employed with shafts that transmit rotary movement.It can transmit massive torque at lower friction.

Common joint bearings are for use in CZPT types of application. They are used in the automotive market, for joints in business car propeller shafts, and also in other industries, for special purposes.

Item Parameters

U-Joints For South CZPT ican Vehicles

A CZ-a hundred and twenty 27   sixty one.8 CZ-a hundred and twenty five-310X    
A CZ-121 27   81.8 CZ-121 5-121X/153X 329  
A CZ-122 23.eight   61.2 CZ-122 5-2X 340  
A CZ-170 27   eighty CZ-one hundred seventy      
A CZ-208 30.19   92.08 CZ-208 five-178X 331  
A CZ-210 30.19   106.35 CZ-210 five-160X 330  
A CZ-221 forty one.24   142 CZ-221 five-165X 359  
A CZ-228 forty five.05   a hundred and twenty.four CZ-228 5-12100X 465  
A CZ-229 forty eight.05   125.7 CZ-229 five-12219X    
A CZ-230 fifty two.08   132.nine CZ-230 five-12924X    
A CZ-231 57   152 CZ-231 five-12932X    
A CZ-232 sixty   163 CZ-232 SPL250-1X    
A CZ-251 forty four   149 CZ-251 five-12276X    
A CZ-252 27   ninety two CZ-252 5-273X 354  
A CZ-254 34.93   106.3 CZ-254 5-263X 351  
A CZ-255 50   164 CZ-255 5-12278X 473  
A CZ-256 34.93   126.22 CZ-256 five-275X 358  
A CZ-265 forty eight   161 CZ-265 5-12062X    
A CZ-271 forty one.two   126 CZ-271 SPL90-1X 460  
A CZ-277 fifty seven.05   163.nine CZ-277 five-12072X    
A CZ-284 fifty five.02   164 CZ-284 SPL170-1X    
A CZ-290 forty nine.22   139 CZ-290 SPL140-1X    
A CZ-291 27   ninety two CZ-291 five-618X 354  
A CZ-292 thirty.19   106.6 CZ-292 five-641X 330  
A CZ-296 27   eighty two CZ-296   269  
A CZ-297 27   eighty one.9 CZ-297   269/329  
A CZ-299 25   seventy six.7 CZ-299   399  
A SPL70-1X 34.93   126.22   SPL70-1X 358/432  
A CZ-259   forty eight.two CZ-259      
A CZ-one zero one 23.eighty two   61.3 CZ-one hundred and one 5-111X 341  
A CZ-183 27   71.02 CZ-183      
A CZ-220 forty four.05   126 CZ-220 five-77277X    
A CZ-201 27   74.64 CZ-201 5-4X 344  
A CZ-127 27   74.sixty four CZ-127 five-33004X    
A CZ-218 18.09   fifty four.nine CZ-218      
A CZ-289 65.04   171.eighty four CZ-289      
A CZ-116 30.03   eighty two.55 CZ-116 5-5178X    
A CZ-117 27   70.12 CZ-117 five-5159X    
A CZ-185 35.02   ninety seven.5 CZ-185      
A CZ-186 thirty.21   81.sixty eight CZ-186      
A CZ-280 sixty five   189.86 CZ-280 5-12026X    
B CZ-171 26.fifty one forty seven.2   CZ-171      
B CZ-172 32 57   CZ-172      
B CZ-one hundred eighty 30.1 fifty three   CZ-a hundred and eighty 5-297X 371  
B CZ-226 27 fifty two.5   CZ-226 five-20X    
B CZ-227 38.04 fifty seven.two   CZ-227 five-12213X    
B CZ-288 forty two.02 66.two   CZ-288 5-12571X    
B CZ-294 20 34.8   CZ-294      
B CZ-298 29 forty   CZ-298      
B CZ-104 24.sixty two 38.eight   CZ-104 five-13600X    
B CZ-276 sixty eight 89   CZ-276 5-12018X    
D CZ-264 forty seven.62 135 a hundred thirty five CZ-264 5-438X 475  
D CZ-272 forty nine.two 191.25 194.two CZ-272 five-510X 478  
D CZ-274 49.two 154.8 157.05 CZ-274 5-515X 476  
E CZ-124 forty seven.62   one hundred thirty five CZ-124 5-279X 333  
E CZ-270 49.two   191.9 CZ-270 5-281X 381  
E CZ-273 49.2   154.78 CZ-273 5-280X 334  
FIG. Component No D L C to C R STAHL SPICER  
F CZ-108 34.ninety two 126.1 forty two.eight a hundred and forty.9 CZ-108 five-303X  
F CZ-128 forty one.24 142 49.1 148.four CZ-128 5-330X  
F CZ-177 34.92 106.two forty two.5 a hundred and fifteen.1 CZ-177 five-348X  
F CZ-266 thirty.eighteen 106.two forty two.five a hundred and CZ-266 5-12913X  
F CZ-176 34.ninety two 106.17 42.7 one hundred fifteen.1 CZ-176 5C-3X  
F CZ-112 30.18 106.19 36.5 108 CZ-112 5-345X  
G CZ-109 114.five a hundred and forty.six CZ-109 5-6106X 905  
G CZ-a hundred and ten 36.five 87 108 CZ-110 5-4143X    
G CZ-113 117.4 148.four CZ-113 5-7105X 927  
G CZ-a hundred and fifteen forty two.7 89.1 a hundred and CZ-115 5C-1X    
G CZ-123 42.7 115.1 CZ-123 5C-4X    

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Our Positive aspects

one. We have above ten years’ encounter.
2. CZPT or CZPT -Regular CZPT s: Any need for CZPT -common bearings is easily fulfilled by us owing to CZPT vast expertise and links in the sector.
3. After Product sales Provider and CZPT nical Help: Our firm supplies soon after-revenue service and technical help as per the CZPT er’s needs and demands.
four. Rapid Supply: Our organization provides just-in-time shipping and delivery with CZPT streamlined provide chain.
five.We go to promptly to any CZPT er concerns. We believe that if CZPT CZPT ers are satisfied then it proves CZPT value. Our CZPT ers are always given fast assistance.                              

Please make contact with us immediately if you have any queries.

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An agricultural power just take-off (PTO) drivetrain is a driveshaft-variety gadget that connects the tractor to the put into action that needs to be operated. The link presented by the driveline permits the unit to draw electrical power directly from the tractor’s engine. Just like hydraulic equipment, a PTO’s drivetrain can at some point fall short because of to the rigors of each day agricultural tasks, requiring substitution or repair. When it is time to replace or restore a PTO drivetrain, it is important to choose the appropriate elements for the specific products in use.
china sales Universal Joints For South American Vehicles(CZ-218 CZ-289 CZ-116 CZ-117 CZ-185 CZ-186 CZ-280 CZ-171 CZ-172 CZ-180 CZ-226 CZ-227) manufacturers