china near me Universal Joints With 4 Wing Bearings(568 569 493 570 927 581 584 928 582 783 785 950 963 793 911 792 GUIS-67) manufacturers

Item Description

Product Description

A CZPT joint bearing(universal coupling, U-joint, Spicer or Hardy Spicer joint, Cardan joint, or Hooke’s joint) is a kind of bearing composed of cross/coupling/spider and four 4 grease-loaded needle roller bearings.It is commonly utilized with shafts that transmit rotary motion.It can transmit huge torque at reduced friction.

Common joint bearings are for use in CZPT kinds of software. They are utilised in the automotive market, for joints in professional motor vehicle propeller shafts, and also in other industries, for specific programs.

Solution Parameters

U-Joints With 4 CZPT CZPT s

G 951 33.34 79 2C 4LWT 5-2002X HS520   644683
G 994 33.34 79 4LWD 5-2117X HS521   316117
G 952 33.34 seventy nine 2LWT,2LWD five-2116X HS522 1063 6S6902
G 536 36.five 90.4 3C 4LWT 5-3000X HS530 1711 5D9153
G 535 36.five 90.four 2LWT,2LWD 5-3014X HS532   9K1976
G 966 36.5 ninety.four 2LWT,2HWD   HS533    
G 540 36.five 108 4C 4LWT 5-4002X HS540 1703 6F7160
G 969 36.5 108 4HWD five-4143X HS545 1689 6K 0571
G 541 36.5 108 2LWT,2LWD 5-4123X HS542 1704 6H1262
G 929 36.five 108 2LWT,2HWD five-4140X HS543 J4130 5M0800
G 550 42.88 115.06 5C 4LWT 5-5000X HS550 1720 7J5251
G 968 forty two.88 115.06 4HWD 5-5177X HS555 1728 2K3631
G 552 42.88 115.06 2LWT,2LWD 5-5121X HS552 1721 7J5245
G 933 42.88 a hundred and fifteen.06 2LWT,2HWD five-5173X HS553 1722  
G 486 forty nine.22 one hundred thirty 4HWD        
G 896 forty nine.three 134.nine 2LWT,2HWD 5-5802X   1877 9C 0571
G 560 42.eight a hundred and forty.two 6C 4LWT five-6000X HS560 1820  
G 905 42.7 one hundred forty.2 4HWD five-6106X HS565 1826 IS9670
G 563 forty two.8/forty two.7 a hundred and forty.two 2LWT,2HWD five-6102X HS563 1822  
G 568 42.88 140.forty five 6Cx7C 2LWT,2LWT 5-6108X   1828  
49.22 148.four
G 569 42.88 a hundred and forty.45 2LWT,2HWD 5-6109X   1829  
forty nine.22 148.four
G 493 42.88 140.45 2LWD,2LWT        
49.22 148.4
G 570 49.2 148.1 7C 4LWT 5-7000X HS570 1841 8F7719
G 927 forty nine.2 148.1 4HWD five-7105X HS575 1840 2H 0571
G 581 forty nine.two 206.4 8C 4LWT five-8200X HS580 1851 XX7146
G 584 forty nine.two 206.4 4HWD 5-8203X HS581 1854  
G 928 49.two 206.four 4HWD five-8105X HS585 1850 6H2579
G 582 49.two 206.four 2LWT,2LWD 5-8201X HS582 1852  
G 783 49.two 206.four 2DWT,2HWD five-8202X HS583 1853  
G 785 71.6 165 8.5C 4LWT five-8500X HS680   7K0442
G 950 seventy one.8 165 2LWT,2HWD five-8515X HS683    
G 963 seventy one.eight a hundred sixty five 4HWD five-8516X HS685   2V7153
G 793 71.four 209.fifty one 9C 4DWT 5-9000X HS590 1864 9H9491
G 911 71.4 209.fifty one 4HWD five-9016X HS595 1868 9V7710
G 792 71.four 209.51 2LWT,2HWD five-9002X HS593 1865  
G GUIS-sixty seven 56 174   4LWD        

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china near me Universal Joints With 4 Wing Bearings(568 569 493 570 927 581 584 928 582 783 785 950 963 793 911 792 GUIS-sixty seven) manufacturers