china near me shop Large Stock 31.8X102mm Gum-75 Cross Universal Joint for Japanese Vehicle manufacturers

Product Description

5-153X CZPT joint 
one, Material: C45(1045) carbon metal, 40Cr metal, 20CrMnTi 
two, Superb overall performance, CZPT support life and competitive value. 
three, CZPT intensity and rigidity. 
four, On time delivery 
5, Personal ISO9000, TS16949 Certificates 
six, Greatest value with the optimum good quality. 

Good quality Management: 
one. CZPT Composition verify following Ingot 
2. Hardness soon after Heat Treatment 
3. Final Dimension Check 

Top quality Assurance Doc: 
All the Q. A Document as for every CZPT Prerequisite will be submitted when products all set. 
Packing and CZPT  
1. Normal: CZPT situation or carton for export 

2. Supply: As for every deal delivery on time 

three. CZPT : As per shopper request. We can take CIF, Door to Door and so forth. Or client approved agent we supply all the required assistant 
A 5-10x 
A 5-101X 
A 5-111X 
A 5-113X 
A 5-1204X 
A 5-12062X 
A 5-12072X 
A 5-12100X 
A 5-121X 
A 5-12219X 
A 5-12276X 
A 5-12278X 
A 5-12924X 
A 5-12932X 
A 5-1312X 
A 5-13400X 
A 5-134X 
A 5-1509X 
A 5-1516X 
A 5-153X 
A 5-155X 
A 5-160X 
A 5-160X-1 
A 5-165X 
A 5-178X 
A 5-188X 
A 5-200X 
A 5-212X 
A 5-213X 
A 5-248X 
A 5-251X 
A 5-263X 
A 5-275X 
A 5-3571X 
A 5-3147X 
A 5-353X 
A 5-431X 
A 5-443X 
A 5-450X 
A 5-4X 
A 5-544X 
A Dec-41 
A AM-14R 
A AM-35R 
A AP0-10 
A AP0-35 
A AP1-00 
A AP2106 
A AP3-11 
A AP3506 
A AP4-21 
A C01 18 
A C737 
A C741 
A C770 
A C771 
A CZ-170 
A CZ-183 
A CZ-280 
A EG10 
A EG20 
A EG30 
A EG40 
A EG50 
A EG60 
A EG60-1 
A EG70 
A EG80 
A GU1000 
A GU1100 
A GU-1210 
A GU200 
A GU2000 
A GU2050 
A GU2200 
A GU2300 
A GU300 
A GU350 
A GU3500 
A GU400 
A GU500 
A GU500-1 
A GU5100 
A GU7420 
A GU9730 
A GUA-10 
A GUA-14 
A GUA-20 
A GUK-12 
A KC2832ADW 
A KC2932ADW 
A SPL90-1X 
A SPL140-1X 
A SPL170-1X 
A SPL250-1X 
A ST1538 
A ST1539 
A ST1540 
A ST1638 
A ST1639 
A ST1640 
A ST1940 
A ST1948 
A U431 
A U447 
A U728/4 
A U743 
A U744 
A U753 
A U756 
A U761 
A L225BF

five-4X A 27.01   seventy four.six 344 GU1100 HS195
five-10X A thirty.188   106.35 330 GU2050 HS179
5-74X B 27 fifty two.five   356 G5-260X HS448
5-92X B 24.six 34.36   861 GGPL-6R HS416
5-101X A 23.eighty two   sixty one.three 340 GU400 HS150
five-103X B 23.eighty two 35   338 G5-103X HS410
5-111X A 23.82   61.3 341 GU500 HS194
5-115X E 39.sixty eight   116 332   HS308
5-121X A 27   81.seventy five 369   HS166
5-124X E 58.979   167.58 335    
5-153X A 27   81.seventy eight 369 GU1000 HS166
5-155X A 34.ninety three   126.22 358 G5-155X HS275
five-160X A thirty.188   106.35 330 GU2050 HS179
5-165X A forty one.24   142 359 G5-165X HS252
five-170X B 23.eighty three 34.eighty five 58.sixty five 338 G5-170X HS410
5-178X A thirty.188   ninety two.075 331 GU2200 HS182
5-188X A 34.ninety three   106.31 351 GU2300 HS263
five-200X A 27   81.78 369 G5-200X HS166
five-213X A 27.02   ninety two 354 G5-213X  
5-251X A 27   81.seventy five 369 G5-251X HS166
5-260X B 27 52.five 81.76 365 G5-260X HS162
five-263X A 34.93   106.31 351 G5-263X HS263
five-273X B 27 sixty seven.6   433 G5-273X  
5-275X A 34.ninety three   126.22 358 G5-275X HS275
5-279X E forty seven.sixty two   134.eight 333   HS336
five-280X E 49.2   154.nine 334   HS337
five-281X E 49.two   191.nine 381   HS334

An agricultural energy take-off (PTO) drivetrain is a driveshaft-kind system that connects the tractor to the employ that wants to be operated. The connection supplied by the driveline allows the unit to attract electrical power straight from the tractor’s engine. Just like hydraulic equipment, a PTO’s drivetrain can sooner or later fail owing to the rigors of daily agricultural initiatives, necessitating replacement or restore. When it is time to exchange or mend a PTO drivetrain, it is critical to choose the appropriate elements for the particular equipment in use.
china near me shop Large Stock 31.8X102mm Gum-75 Cross Universal Joint for Japanese Vehicle manufacturers