china factory Truck Spare Parts Double Steering Universal Cross Joint manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Universal joints  Cross CZPT s U-Joints for For Agricultural  Machine 

Merchandise Name:Universal joints/ Cross CZPT s/U-Joints for For Agricultural/ CZPT /For CZPT pe Automobile /Brackets Tapered U-Joint Kits

Swift Information:



Area of Origin

ZheJiang , CZPT (Mainland)


auto/truck/Agricultural CZPT /Steering Gear

Vehicle Make

Japanese, CZPT ican and CZPT pean automobile


ZheJiang or HangZhou port

Packaging Details:

per cartons and picket pallets

Shipping Time:


Payment Conditions:

L/C,T/T,Western CZPT

Offer Capacity:

20000 Device/Models for each Day


GMB Original NO KOYO NO.
Gut-eleven 5711-10011 T2057
Intestine-12 5711-30011 T2680C
Gut-thirteen 5711-2571 T2667
Intestine-14 5711-6571 T2978
Intestine-15 5711-55011 T34107
Intestine-sixteen 5711-55571 T40119
Intestine-17 5711-3571 T2977
Intestine-19 5711-1571 T2057
Gut-20 5711-36571 T32921
Gut-21 5711-35571  
Gut-23 5711-35030  
GMB NO. Original NO. KOYO NO.
GUMZ1(5) 0136-twenty five-060 TM2564A
GUMZ2 0180-twenty five-060 TM2055
GUMZ3(4) 0164-25-060 TM2880
GUMZ6 0706-80-251 GM2564B~E
GUMZ7 5719-twenty five-060 TM37104
GUMZ8 0727-25-060  
GUMZ9 1757-89-251  
GUMZ10 3919-89-251  
GMB NO. Original NO. KOYO NO.
GUH-02 40150-567-003 HD2564LS
GUH-03 44330-538-004 HD2265C
GUH-sixty five    
GUH-seventy three    
GMB NO. Original NO. KOYO NO.
GUIS 51 nine-37300-017 12461
GUIS fifty two nine-37300-065 12976
GUIS fifty four 9-37300-055 136101
GUIS 55 9-37300-a hundred and fifty 142129A
GUIS 56 9-37300-609  
GUIS 57 9-37300-163 148149
GUIS 58 9-37300-112 136101A
GUIS 59 44135-060  
GUIS sixty nine-37300-139 070004R-1
GUIS 61 9-37300-031  
GUIS sixty two 1-37300-0130 1351041
GUIS sixty three 942571-1  
GUIS sixty four 1-37300-147-  
GUIS sixty five one-37300-004-  
GUIS sixty six five-37300-032-  
GMB Original NO. KOYO NO.
GUN-26 37125-11975 N2461
GUN-27 37125-14627 N2563
GUN-28 37125-18571 N2057
GUN-29 39625-21571 N2880BA
GUN-thirty 37125-85461 N3092
GUN-31 37125-50001 N32111
GUN-32 37125-58026 N36119
GUN-33 37125-99901 ND43128
GUN-34 37125-76571 N2580
GUN-36 23571-4101(65109) N2578
GUN-38 37125-68200  
GUN-41 37125-90128 ND43142
GUN-forty two 37125-99900 ND40124
GUN-forty three 37125-90571 ND43128B
GUN-44 48155-99000  
GUN-forty five 37000-H8500  
GUN-46 37125-01G25  
GMB NO. First NO.  
GUS1 27200-58833  
GUS2 27100-67000  
GUS6 27200-6571  

Portion Number (1):
5-279X, 5-280X, 5-4070X, 5-281X, 5-279X-1, 5-280X-1, 5-407X-1, 5-281X-1, G5-2172, 2C-2T, 4C-2T, G5-4143, G5-5177, G5-6128, 1822, 1841, 1843, G5-7126, GUIS-67, 1868, 5-324X,CT42, CT53

Part Variety (2):
GUIS55, GUN41-1, , GUM-90, GUM-eighty, GUH-72, GUIS57, GUIS68, GUM-83, 5050, 5800, 5801, 5870, 5030, 5041

Element Variety (3):
GUD-88, 5-170X, GUMZ-7, GUN-27, Gut-thirteen, Intestine-twelve,5-353X, 5-3147X , TT-177, 5-297X, TT-one hundred twenty, 5-1510X, 5-1500X, 5-1505X, 5-1516X, 5-1206X, 5-1306X, 5-1204X, 365, YH1571, YH1012, YH1058, 5-100X, 5-105X, 5-1200X, 5-1203X, 5-212X, 5-260X, 5-456X, 5-3147X, TT-121, GUM-ninety three, 5-1301X, GUMZ-3, ST-1640, C01, AP165, Gut-11, APO-ten, AP1-00, EG10, IU50, EG20, GU-500, IU-40, GUMZ-1, AP3-11, AP4-21, 5-200X, fifty.724.000, 5-134X, 5-153X, 5-130X5-130X, GU1100, EG30, 5-160X, 3240AF, GUM-87, AP500, AP723, 5-178X, EG60-1, C06, EG50, AM35R, APO-35, 3287AF, 4265AF, 5-155X-1, 5-188X, AP36,4225BF, 5-165X


Interior yokes – there are two, at each and every conclude of the PTO shaft – tractor and implement. This is soldered to the driver’s stop. Cardan Joints – There are two, located on each stop of the PTO shaft. Outer Yokes – There are two, located on each ends of the PTO shaft. It has a “Y” link to u and a woman hole. Security Chains – Chains are used to protected PTO shafts to products and tractors. Basic safety Guards – These cones are found at each ends.
china factory Truck Spare Parts Double Steering Universal Cross Joint manufacturers