china factory Simple Structure of Universal Expansion Joints with Rods manufacturers

Solution Description

Easy structure of CZPT growth joints with rods

We are the top ten leading brand.

We have 24 years of exhaust technique and industrial pipe.

Launched in 1992 and experienced in the area of exhaust program and industrial pipe for 24 several years.

We have big capacity, above 200000pcs/thirty day period.

Administration method certification:ISO9001.ISO14001.TSI16949.

We have CZPT very own specialized and mould deparmtent, ready for any CZPT ized items.

Expansion CZPT characteristics:
1) CZPT metallic growth joint
2) Absorbs thermal enlargement and shock
three) Construction: bellows + flat welding flanges
4) Main content, bellows : stainless steel 304 flanges: stainless steel 304 or carbon stee
5) Compensates changing misalignment
6) Compensates for exhaust converter misalignment
seven) It is acquired ISO9001-2000 CZPT Quality Certificated.
eight) Enlargement CZPT s are identified as ” The Greatest Products of Chinese CZPT nology” by CZPT CZPT nological CZPT council and CZPT company has the appropriate of merchandise CZPT & Export
9) They are also insured the product quality liability insurance policy by PICC
10) Size, diameter and duration can be made as per clients’ needs

Compensator is also called the expansion joint, or the slip joint.By work constitute the main body of the bellows, bracket structure, and end of flanges, pipe and other kind of compensation components.Use its work subject bellows telescopic deformation effectively, to absorb the size of the change of piping, pipe,container, etc which is produced by the reason of heat bilges cold shrink,

Or compensation pipeline, catheters, containers, axial, lateral and angular displacement.

Can also be used for noise reduction vibration reduction.Widely used in modern industry.

 in order to prevent the heating pipe from high temperature, due to thermal elongation or deformation or damage of the temperature stress caused by pipeline,need to set on the pipeline compensator,To compensate for the thermal elongation Reducing wall stress and the role of force on the valve or bracket structure




Scope of application: petroleum, medicine, chemical, electric power, power plants, industrial, machinery, compressor, cement mill, shipyard etc



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china factory Simple Structure of Universal Expansion Joints with Rods manufacturers