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Item Description

Specialist CZPT ize CZPT joint coupling

Common CZPT Shafts for CZPT Applications, generally acknowledged as cardan shafts. It is 1 of the most extensively employed transmission factors. The SWC variety cardan shaft is the most CZPT shaft series composition is compact, the most CZPT ful, the carrying ability of the optimum reliability product.
Our firm has accrued rich knowledge in ten several years of cardan shaft in the manufacturing process and absorbing foreign CZPT d technological innovation and use, has carried on the a lot of enhancements to SWC variety cardan shaft, which is increasingly best construction, overall performance is considerably enhanced, physical appearance is more gorgeous.
Company on the basis of the CZPT shaft normal JB5513-2006 type elevated SWCD short collection, even more satisfy the demand of the diversification of CZPT ers. The male Division company belief: “persistent innovation, optimization of composition,” a high high quality of cardan shaft generation enterprises. We usually adhere to the ISO9001 top quality method to manage the high quality, generation process, from the standpoint of the detail specification, and implements the processing tools “aircraft, nc” so that my firm SWC kind cardan shaft swiftly improce merchandise high quality, not only received the standard CZPT ers the term of mouth, at the very same time also received CZPT shaft of peer recognition. Our cardan shaft is not only services for domestic massive and medium-sized enterprises, decrease the creation cost for them We can quite excellent
provider to all above the world.

Structural Sort

Type A – Welded shaft layout, with length compensation

Type B- Welded shaft layout, without having duration payment

Sort C- Brief flanged style, with no size compensation
Flange bolthole patterns

Info of  SWC- I Type Universal CZPT

Notations : 

L  –  Standard duration, or compressed size for patterns with size compensation

Lv – Duration Compensation

m  – Mass

Tn – Nominal torque (extract 50% of Produce torque)

Tf – Fatigue torque, I. E. Permissible torque as decided in accordance to the tiredness strength Underneath reversing loads

β- Maximum deflection angle

ML- weight for every  100 mm tube

Millimeters are utilized as measurement units except the place mentioned.

Please check with us for CZPT ization concerning size, size compensation and Flange connections.

For Case in point :

SWC – I – A – 590

SWC – the Sort of CZPT CZPT

I  -Flange diameter  (mm )

A  – Merchandise Construction kind


590 – Minimum size ( mm )


EP delivers a broad variety of inventory PTO shafts and yokes, clutches, shaft handles, pipes and any other accessories to fulfill your PTO wants. Electricity consider-offs are used to transfer energy from a tractor or other electricity supply to a device. The two most typically utilised tractor electricity consider-offs are 540 and one thousand rpm, and electricity consider-offs can be of diverse dimensions and lengths. If you have any concerns about cardan shafts, cardan shaft components, dimension drawings or extensions, make sure you get in touch with our professionals on-line.
china factory Professional Customize Universal Joint Coupling manufacturers