china Custom Densen Customized SWC-Bf Type Universal Coupling Shaft Coupling, Universal Couplings Joint manufacturers

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Densen CZPT ized SWC-BF Type CZPT coupling shaft coupling,common couplings joint

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Solution Name Densen CZPT ized SWC-BF Type CZPT coupling shaft coupling,universal couplings joint
DN mm 160~640mm
Axis CZPT le 25/15°
Rated Torque sixteen~1250 N·m
Exhaustion torque eight~630N·m
Substance 35CrMo
Software Commonly utilised in metallurgy, mining, CZPT and other fields.


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Common situation of diaphragm coupling applied to variable frequency pace handle products

JMB sort coupling is applied to HangZhou Oilfield Thermal CZPT Plant

In accordance to the needs of HangZhou CZPT ctric CZPT CZPT , HangZhou Oilfield Thermal CZPT Plant ought to dynamically change the CZPT era according to the load of the CZPT grid and industry demand from customers, and carry out the transformation of the frequency converter and the suction enthusiast. The motor was at first a 1600KW, 730RPM CZPT -frequency variable velocity motor matched by HangZhou CZPT Factory. The speed management mode following shifting the frequency is handbook management. Press the button pace to increase 10RPM or fall 10RPM. The coupling is nevertheless the authentic elastic decoupling coupling, and the elastic de-coupling coupling right after frequency conversion is usually ruined, which right impacts the normal CZPT era.

It is identified by means of evaluation that in the procedure of frequency conversion speed regulation, the pin of the coupling can not bear the inertia of the velocity regulation method (the diameter of the enthusiast impeller is 3.3 meters) and is cut off, which has great damage to the motor and the fan.

Later on, they switched to the JMB460 double-diaphragm wheel-sort coupling of CZPT factory (patent amount: ZL.99246247.9). After 1 hour of destructive experiment and much more than one particular yr of procedure test, the gear is running extremely well, and there is no Replace the diaphragm. 12 models have been rebuilt and the procedure is in excellent problem.


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An agricultural power take-off (PTO) drivetrain is a driveshaft-sort unit that connects the tractor to the implement that demands to be operated. The relationship offered by the driveline enables the device to attract power directly from the tractor’s motor. Just like hydraulic equipment, a PTO’s drivetrain can at some point fall short thanks to the rigors of everyday agricultural tasks, demanding substitute or repair. When it is time to exchange or mend a PTO drivetrain, it is crucial to choose the proper elements for the distinct products in use.
china Custom Densen Customized SWC-Bf Type Universal Coupling Shaft Coupling, Universal Couplings Joint manufacturers