china shop Iveco Truck Spare Parts Universal Joint for Shipping Industry Cross Pin Type Joint manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Common joints  Cross CZPT s U-Joints for For Agricultural  Machine 

Merchandise Identify:Universal joints/ Cross CZPT s/U-Joints for For Agricultural/ CZPT /For CZPT pe Automobile /Brackets Tapered U-Joint Kits

Quick Details:



Area of Origin

ZheJiang , CZPT (Mainland)


auto/truck/Agricultural CZPT /Steering Gear

Automobile Make

Japanese, CZPT ican and CZPT pean car


ZheJiang or HangZhou port

Packaging Particulars:

for each cartons and wood pallets

Shipping Time:


Payment Phrases:

L/C,T/T,Western CZPT

Provide Capacity:

20000 Unit/Models for every Day


GMB Authentic NO KOYO NO.
Intestine-11 5711-10011 T2057
Intestine-12 5711-30011 T2680C
Intestine-13 5711-2571 T2667
Intestine-fourteen 5711-6571 T2978
Gut-15 5711-55011 T34107
Gut-16 5711-55571 T40119
Gut-17 5711-3571 T2977
Gut-19 5711-1571 T2057
Gut-twenty 5711-36571 T32921
Gut-21 5711-35571  
Gut-23 5711-35030  
GMB NO. Original NO. KOYO NO.
GUMZ1(5) 0136-twenty five-060 TM2564A
GUMZ2 0180-twenty five-060 TM2055
GUMZ3(4) 0164-twenty five-060 TM2880
GUMZ6 0706-80-251 GM2564B~E
GUMZ7 5719-twenty five-060 TM37104
GUMZ8 0727-twenty five-060  
GUMZ9 1757-89-251  
GUMZ10 3919-89-251  
GMB NO. Original NO. KOYO NO.
GUH-02 40150-567-003 HD2564LS
GUH-03 44330-538-004 HD2265C
GUH-sixty five    
GUH-seventy two    
GUIS 51 nine-37300-017 12461
GUIS 52 nine-37300-065 12976
GUIS 54 9-37300-055 136101
GUIS fifty five nine-37300-a hundred and fifty 142129A
GUIS fifty six 9-37300-609  
GUIS 57 nine-37300-163 148149
GUIS 58 9-37300-112 136101A
GUIS 59 44135-060  
GUIS sixty nine-37300-139 070004R-1
GUIS sixty one nine-37300-031  
GUIS sixty two one-37300-0130 1351041
GUIS sixty three 942571-one  
GUIS sixty four one-37300-147-  
GUIS 65 1-37300-004-  
GUIS 66 5-37300-032-  
GMB Original NO. KOYO NO.
GUN-26 37125-11975 N2461
GUN-27 37125-14627 N2563
GUN-28 37125-18571 N2057
GUN-29 39625-21571 N2880BA
GUN-30 37125-85461 N3092
GUN-31 37125-50001 N32111
GUN-32 37125-58026 N36119
GUN-33 37125-99901 ND43128
GUN-34 37125-76571 N2580
GUN-36 23571-4101(65109) N2578
GUN-38 37125-68200  
GUN-41 37125-90128 ND43142
GUN-forty two 37125-99900 ND40124
GUN-43 37125-90571 ND43128B
GUN-forty four 48155-99000  
GUN-45 37000-H8500  
GUN-forty six 37125-01G25  
GMB NO. Original NO.  
GUS1 27200-58833  
GUS2 27100-67000  
GUS6 27200-6571  

Element Variety (1):
5-279X, 5-280X, 5-4070X, 5-281X, 5-279X-1, 5-280X-1, 5-407X-1, 5-281X-1, G5-2172, 2C-2T, 4C-2T, G5-4143, G5-5177, G5-6128, 1822, 1841, 1843, G5-7126, GUIS-sixty seven, 1868, 5-324X,CT42, CT53

Component Number (2):
GUIS55, GUN41-1, , GUM-ninety, GUM-eighty, GUH-seventy two, GUIS57, GUIS68, GUM-eighty three, 5050, 5800, 5801, 5870, 5030, 5041

Component Quantity (3):
GUD-88, 5-170X, GUMZ-7, GUN-27, Gut-thirteen, Intestine-12,5-353X, 5-3147X , TT-177, 5-297X, TT-one hundred twenty, 5-1510X, 5-1500X, 5-1505X, 5-1516X, 5-1206X, 5-1306X, 5-1204X, 365, YH1571, YH1012, YH1058, 5-100X, 5-105X, 5-1200X, 5-1203X, 5-212X, 5-260X, 5-456X, 5-3147X, TT-121, GUM-93, 5-1301X, GUMZ-3, ST-1640, C01, AP165, Gut-11, APO-ten, AP1-00, EG10, IU50, EG20, GU-five hundred, IU-40, GUMZ-1, AP3-11, AP4-21, 5-200X, fifty.724.000, 5-134X, 5-153X, 5-130X5-130X, GU1100, EG30, 5-160X, 3240AF, GUM-87, AP500, AP723, 5-178X, EG60-1, C06, EG50, AM35R, APO-35, 3287AF, 4265AF, 5-155X-1, 5-188X, AP36,4225BF, 5-165X


Designed for adjustable (reduce length) capacity. Interchangeability to match most competitor versions. Obtainable in splined and sq. shaft profiles. Simple lock defense framework that can be assembled or disassembled rapidly and simply with simple equipment this kind of as keys, coins or screwdrivers. The Extended Lubrication Digital Kit decreases downtime with 50-250 hour lubrication intervals and a high temperature triple lip seal for much better grease retention. Offer skilled engineering and product sales assist to buyers.
china shop Iveco Truck Spare Parts Universal Joint for Shipping Industry Cross Pin Type Joint manufacturers