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Meet OUR 
STHangZhouRD Expansion JOINTS

Our metal bellowed enlargement joints are made and constructed utilizing the newest CAD and production strategies. The main usage locations of expansion joints are the pipeline apps. Our expansion joints are continuously employed to fulfill such wants of sector

  • Secure operation
  • Temperature and pressure resistance
  • Effortless assembly through versatility
  • Reputable link
  • Vacuum resistance
  • Excellent provider lifestyle and situation

The Use of growth joints is required for nearly all industrial apps in contemporary times. In order to make sure these industrial crops to perform proficiently and reliably. Our range is for the normal as follows

  • Nominal Diameters: DN fifteen – DN 7000
  • Nominal Pressures: PN 2,5 – PN 63
  • Connections: Weld Ends. acc. to EN15716 & 15717 (standard)
    ASME B36.10, GOST-R (optional)
  • Flanges acc. to DIN EN 1092/1 (normal)
    ANSI B16.5 & B16.forty seven, GOST-R, JIS (optional)
  • Material: Material Selection in accordance to application temperature and fluid.

Bellows Growth joint

Bellows Growth CZPT s are great for accommodating axial, lateral and angular actions for a broad array of piping applications.
Stainless steel bellows, as a adaptable stress-resistant pipe fittings, are put in in the liquid transportation system to compensate for the mutual displacement of the connecting ends of pipes or equipment and equipment, soak up vibration strength, and can engage in the role of vibration reduction and silencing. They have several attributes, this kind of as very good overall flexibility, light bodyweight, corrosion resistance, exhaustion resistance, high and lower temperature resistance.

DN Amount of ripple Force degree Efficient area of corruagated tube Greatest external diameter(mm)
.twenty five .six one. 1.six 2.five
Axial compensation size mm/toughness N/mm
32 8 25/21 22/26 twenty/26 18/63   sixteen 225
32 16 fifty/11 forty six/fourteen 41/fourteen 36/32   16 225
forty eight 25/twenty five 22/forty four twenty/44 18/89 fifteen/98 23 244
forty 16 50/14 46/22 41/22 36/45 31/forty seven 23 244
fifty eight 25/30 22/fifty one 20/70 eighteen/70 15/106 37 259
50 16 50/16 forty six/26 41/35 36/35 31/fifty five 37 259
65 eight 33/28 30/35 26/44 22/fifty five 15/138 55 270
65 twelve forty two/sixteen 38/22 38/32 34/40 31/70 55 270
80 8 40/twenty 36/26 34/33 28/forty one 19/sixty eight eighty one 284
80 ten 53/fourteen forty nine/17 forty nine/21 43/26 29/50 eighty one 284
one hundred six forty five/47 45/60 40/seventy five 35/93 twenty five/fifty four 121 304
one hundred ten seventy six/26 74/32 64/40 fifty seven/50 38/33 121 304
one hundred twenty five five 48/38 42/47 38/fifty nine 34/74 29/117 a hundred and eighty 334

Metal bellows and expansion bellows for all applications

 Our enlargement joint fabrications supply overall flexibility on the axial, lateral, or angular planes, depending on your wants. They are extremely resistant to stress and compression inside set parameters, supplying you with secure, effective, and dependable operation over the lifespan of the merchandise.

What is the Function of CZPT Steel Bellows Expansion CZPT ?

Stainless metal bellows growth joint is the compensating elements installed in pipelines, machines and containers, we typically contact it compensator.
Stainless metal bellows growth joint largely has a few basic movement kinds: axial movement, lateral movement and angular motion. What is the purpose of stainless steel bellows expansion joint? Normally talking the capabilities are absorbing vibration, compensating movement and absorbing sound. You should check out beneath thorough information.

Absorbing piping vibration

On one hand, stainless metal bellows growth joint can boost the fatigue rupture capacity, on the other hand, it has perform of decreasing piping noise.

Compensating piping movement

Consider rubber hose as comparison, rubber hose has great versatility and strong anti-tiredness capacity, but it is inferior in temperature resistance, force bearing, growing older resistance than stainless steel bellows growth joint, it constantly requirements to be changed after using a few months. Even though metallic bellows owns thorough performances of out-standing corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, force resistance, tiredness resistance, in some complicated atmosphere, stainless steel bellows enlargement joint is the most perfect factor to compensate piping actions.

Piping installation tension

Typical set up issues often noticed in some complex piping programs, the difficulties constantly triggered by limitation of space and location. In accordance to various pipeline diameter and operating environment, the chilly straightening benefit differs from numerous millimeters to dozens of millimeters, even hundreds of millimeters. Practise has proved that the bigger of the cold straightening benefit, the larger of the inside stress, inner stress is a concealed risk to the pipeline method. Considering that stainless steel bellows growth joint is ready to bend freely and create minimize inner anxiety in rated bending radius, therefore, it is very handy for set up, that is the cause why stainless metal bellows growth joint is the crucial pipe fitting for some pipeline programs.

Good quality OF OUR 
Expansion JOINT

We goal to offer goods to operate with greatest services life for any running condition. As the leader of expansion joints generation, Ayvaz operates its creation complying with the expectations that regarded by the most crucial countrywide and global bodies and industrial associations.



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    From task function for extremely intricate components this sort of as the Catofin process to collection growth joints and normal adaptable metallic hoses for routine maintenance apps: Amosflex is your associate for plant CZPT and development, pipeline development, gadget and equipment design, power era and several other speciality marketplaces.

    Specialized Creating Equipment

    Quality from roof to cellar: from bellows components and connections for solar thermal collectors via to underground gas home connections, CZPT merchandise assure dependable operational stability.


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    Firm Overview

    ELIAS TONGLI is a single of the most prestigious expert makers of anti-vibration sequence merchandise, which has  has a excellent enterprise relationship with numerous massive enterprises and CZPT organizations at home and overseas. Relying on robust impartial study and development capacity and outstanding procedure technologies, the good quality of CZPT items sales opportunities the market.
    Our firm was proven in ZheJiang in 2005, and set up a manufacturing unit in HangZhou, ZheJiang Province in 2013. Our business has provided the types and set up of pipe joints and shock absorbers for a lot of huge scale assignments. Our goods have passed ISO9001, and are commonly employed in numerous industries. This sort of as the pipeline method and central air conditioning technique of semiconductors, electronics, chemical industry, equipment, automobiles, constructions, CZPT d hospitals and accommodations, and many others.
    For a CZPT time, we have retained in accordance with the principle of” Seriousness, Innovation, Provider and Expansion”. We have constantly been at the lead stage of this market. With the theory of ” CZPT er CZPT , CZPT CZPT “, we set up CZPT time cooperation with numerous enterprises. We warmly welcome pals from all above the world to go to and negotiate enterprise.

    Q : Are you investing firm or maker?

    A: We are manufacturer of rubber expansion joint, metal enlargement joint, flexible hose, dismantling joint, dresser coupling, flange adapter and flange with far more than 13-calendar year experience.

    Q: Do you have items catalog?
    A: Sure, we have. Remember to tell me your e-mail or quick messager, we will ship CZPT catalog.

    Q: Can you provide drawings and complex knowledge?
    A: Sure, CZPT specialist complex division will style and offer drawings and complex knowledge.

    Q: Do you give samples? Is it totally free or charged?
    A: Of course, we can supply sample totally free but delivery fees protected by CZPT er.

    Q: Can the merchandise be manufactuered by CZPT er’s requirement?
    A: Yes, the specifications mentioned above are the standard kinds, we can design and manufacture as requirement. 



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    china shop Flexible Metal Expansion Joint with Limit Pipe Universal Tile Bellow Flexible Flanged Bellow Manufacturer Stainless Steel Pipe Metal Bellows manufacturers