china sales Dozer Universal Joint 176-76-61300 manufacturers

Product Description

common joint

match device: dozer  / wheel loader
SHXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.I CZPT dozer: SD08, SD11, SD13, SD16, SD22, SD23, SD32, SD42
                   TY130 TY160 TY220 TY230 TY320 SP100Y, SP70Y, SP45Y, SP25Y
KO MTSU CZPT dozer: D50, D60, D65, D85-eighteen, D85-21, D155, D355-1
KOMA SU Excavator: PC60, PC130, PC200, PC220, PC300, PC360, PC400, PC450
KOM SU LOADER: WA320, WA380, WA420, WA470, WA600  
HBXG (SHEHWA): SD6 SD7 SD8 SD9 T140 T165 TY165
PENGPU: PD120, PD140, PD165, PD185, PD220, PD320, PD410
ZOOMLION: ZD160,ZD220 ZD230,ZD320
CAT:  D3 D4 D5 D6D, D7G, D8 ,D9, D10N, 312,320 325 330 345
DAIFENG (pipe layer): DGY15, DGY20, DGY25, DGY40, DGY55, DGY70, DGY90,QUY16, QUY25
XCG:  XCG60 -a hundred and forty -210-215-230-235-240-330-360-450
SDLG: LG916 LG920 LG933 LG936 LG946 LG952 LG953 LG956 LG968 LG978
XCM: LW168G, LW300F, LW300K, LW350K, LW400K, LW500F, LW600K, LW900K, LW1200K, LW820G, WZ30-twenty five,XT740-750, ZL30G, ZL50GL,ZL50G QU80, QUY100 QY25K,QY50K,QY50K-I,QY70K-1,KY100,CR-one hundred eighty,CR-one hundred sixty five

a hundred thirty five-960-1120 141-ten-00012 144-ten-12610
a hundred thirty five-960-1120 141-ten-00012 one hundred forty four-10-12620
a hundred thirty five-960-1120 141-10-00012 14X-eleven-11110
135-960-1120 a hundred and forty four-15-17101 14X-11-11221
144-ten-12610 a hundred and forty four-fifteen-17101 14X-eleven-11200
one hundred forty four-10-12610 a hundred and forty four-15-17101 a hundred and fifty-11-12360
144-10-12610 144-10-12210 232-twenty-52112
a hundred and forty four-ten-12610 144-10-12210 232-20-54110
a hundred and forty four-10-12610 144-ten-12210 283-20-11210W 
a hundred and forty four-ten-12610 144-ten-12210 380-136142-1
one hundred forty five-14-35110 144-ten-12210 381-12-4149
a hundred forty five-14-35110 150-11-00097 385-10193741
145-fourteen-35110 150-11-00097 423-twenty-12620 
a hundred forty five-fourteen-35110 a hundred and fifty-11-00097 424-twenty-12620
one hundred forty five-14-35110 one hundred fifty-11-00097 425-twenty-11620
a hundred forty five-fourteen-35110 154-twenty-57100 154-twenty-10002
145-14-35110 154-20-57100 421-twenty-H4571
a hundred forty five-fourteen-35110 154-twenty-57100 419-20-H9571
one hundred forty five-14-35110 a hundred seventy five-twenty-00050 a hundred and forty four-fifteen-17101
150-eleven-12360 a hundred seventy five-20-00050 423-20-H4571
a hundred and fifty-11-12360 one hundred seventy five-twenty-00050 154-twenty-11000
154-twenty-0571 195-20-00011 one hundred thirty five-960-1120
154-20-0571 421-20-12620 145-fourteen-35110
154-20-0571 421-20-12620 one hundred fifty-twenty-0571
154-20-0571 421-20-12620 154-twenty-0571
154-20-0571 421-twenty-12620 141-10-00012
154-20-0571 421-20-12620 144-fifteen-17101
154-20-0571 421-20-12620 a hundred and forty four-10-12210
154-twenty-0571 421-20-12620 a hundred and fifty-11-00097
154-20-0571 421-twenty-12620 154-20-57100
154-twenty-0571 421-20-12620 175-20-00050
175-20-00060 421-20-12620 421-20-12620
175-twenty-00060 421-20-12620 175-twenty-00060
175-twenty-00060 421-twenty-12620 195-20-11100
175-twenty-00060 421-20-12620 419-fifteen-H9571
175-twenty-00060 421-20-12620 141-ten-00012
175-twenty-00060 421-20-12620 a hundred and fifty-eleven-00097
one hundred seventy five-20-00060 421-20-12620 154-twenty-10002
one hundred seventy five-20-00060 424-20-12620 176-seventy six-61320
one hundred seventy five-twenty-00060 424-twenty-12620 176-seventy six-61301
a hundred seventy five-twenty-00060 424-twenty-12620 175-20-30000
195-20-11100 421-twenty-12620 176-seventy six-61300
195-20-11100 421-twenty-12620 a hundred seventy five-20-00060
421-20-12620 421-twenty-12620 175-20-11000
one hundred forty four-ten-12220 one hundred forty four-fifteen-17001 a hundred and forty four-ten-12100


Inside yokes – there are two, at every single stop of the PTO shaft – tractor and apply. This is soldered to the driver’s end. Cardan Joints – There are two, located on each conclude of the PTO shaft. Outer Yokes – There are two, situated on each ends of the PTO shaft. It has a “Y” relationship to u and a feminine hole. Protection Chains – Chains are employed to safe PTO shafts to gear and tractors. Safety Guards – These cones are located at both ends.
china sales Dozer Universal Joint 176-76-61300 manufacturers