china near me U Joint / Universal Joint Bearing for Automobile/Auto, Agricultural Machinery, Truck manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Universal Joint, Cross Assembly.
We are factories specialized in manufacturing Universal Joint, Cross Assembly with nearly 20 years. Our manual production quantity is more than 500,000 sets. ISO9001 & TS16949 are our quality certifications.
automobiles, trucks and agricultural vehicle, construction machinery, paper making machinery, metallurgical equipment, axle etc. Both for OEM and Aftermarket.
If you are interested, pls do not hestitate to contact us,it is our pleasure to serve for you.

Common joint, is part of the CZPT transfer to comprehend variable CZPT le, used to need to have to modify the place of the generate axis route, it is the CZPT transmission gadget of vehicle driving system of the “joint” element. CZPT joint and blend of transmission, known as the CZPT joint transmission gadget. On the CZPT motor rear wheel drive automobiles, CZPT transmission device set up in the gearbox output shaft and push axle of the principal reducer enter shaft between And CZPT engine CZPT -wheel drive automobiles omit the transmission shaft, CZPT joint is put in in the steering program is liable for driving and responsible for among CZPT axle and 50 % axle and the wheel.


five-100X five-324X five-160X ST1638 GUK-twelve Gut-15 GUM-77 GUH-seventy two 105710131 1217606 77187
five-101X 5-326X five-165X ST1639 U447 Intestine-sixteen GUM-seventy eight GUH-seventy three 1114100031 659773 7500602
5-103X 5-353X 5-170X ST1640 U728/four Intestine-17 GUM-79 GUH-seventy four 3 0571 71 762037 264043
5-105X 5-438X five-178X ST1940 U743 Intestine-19 GUM-80 GUH-seventy five 3571100031 348472 550612
five-10X five-515X five-188X ST1948 U744 Gut-twenty GUM-81 GUH-76 315710031 231189 365913
five-111X five-469X five-200X SPL140-1X U753 Intestine-21 GUM-82 GUIS-fifty one 3124111231 6652586 365901
five-113X 5-510X 5-2011X SPL170-1X U756 Gut-22 GUM-eighty three GUIS-fifty two 385415711 6852612 750613
five-1200X 5-674X 5-212X SPL250-1X U761 Intestine-23 GUM-84 GUIS-54 35717131 189499 264044
5-1201X five-675X five-213X SPL70-1X five-2002X Gut-24 GUM-eighty five GUIS-fifty five 3174100131 83453 366441
5-1203X five-676X five-242X SPL90-1X five-2117X Gut-twenty five GUM-86 GUIS-fifty six 3374571031 232458 366437
five-1204X five-677X 5-243X AP0-ten 5-2116X GUN-twenty five GUM-87 GUIS-fifty seven 3374100031 7231265 5711-10011
5-12062X 5-115X 5-248X AP3-eleven 5-3000X GUN-26 GUM-88 GUIS-58 3374105031 46240 5711-30011
five-1206X five-279X five-251X AP4-21 five-3014X GUN-27 GUM-89 GUIS-fifty nine 35712231 231009 5711-2571
five-12072X 5-279X-one 5-2532X AP0-35 five-4002X GUN-28 GUM-90 GUIS-60 4100031 2331519 5711-6571
five-12100X five-280X five-260X AP1-00 five-4143X GUN-29 GUM-ninety one GUIS-sixty one 3174100031 1651032 5711-55011
five-121X five-280X-1 five-263X AP2106 five-4123X GUN-thirty GUM-ninety two GUIS-sixty two 36 0571 712 232540 5711-55571
5-12213X five-407X 5-273X AP3506 5-4140X GUN-31 GUM-ninety three GUIS-63 36 0571 711 1651229 5711-3571
five-12219X 5-407X-1 5-275X C01 5-5000X GUN-32 GUM-94 GUIS-sixty four 381400031 1651237 5711-1571
five-12276X five-281X five-297X C737 five-5177X GUN-33 GUM-ninety five GUIS-65 381415711 656762 5711-36571
five-12278X 5-281X-1 five-297X-1 C741 5-5121X GUN-34 GUM-96 GUIS-sixty six 3854100031 87977 5711-35571
five-12924X 5-124X 5-3011X C770 5-5173X GUN-36 GUM-ninety seven GUIS-67 3354100031 38403 5711-55571
5-12932X 5-308X 5-3571X C771 5-5802X GUN-38 GUM-98 GUIS-68 363410 0571 231311 5711-35030
5-129X five-345X five-3147X CZ-one hundred seventy five-6000X GUN-forty one GUM-ninety nine GUIS-69 625710131 38464 5711-13571
five-1300X 5-303X five-350X CZ-183 5-6106X GUN-forty three GUD-81 GUIS-70 3874100031 6638385 5711-5711
five-1301X 5-356X 5-353X CZ-280 five-6102X GUN-forty four GUD-82 GUIS-seventy one 625710031 6621656 37125-01J25
5-1306X five-328X 5-431X GU1000 5-6108X GUN-45 GUD-eighty three GUIS-seventy two 112350571 36590 37125-11975
five-1306X-one 5-329X 5-443X GU1100 five-6109X GUN-46 GUD-84 GUIS-79 185710331 231626 37125-14627
five-1309X five-330X five-450X GU1210 5-7000X GUN-forty seven GUD-85 GUS-one 35714831 6621920 37125-18571
five-1312X 5-331X five-4X GU200 5-7105X GUN-forty eight GUD-86 GUS-two 3124111331 232459 39625-21571
five-134X 5-347X 5-544X GU2000 five-8200X GUMZ-1(5) GUD-87 GUS-six 3224110031 93192570 37125-85461
five-1500X five-348X five-74X GU2050 five-8203X GUMZ-2 GUD-88 GUS-seven 3224110131 294380 37125-50001
5-1501X five-5154X 5-92X GU2200 5-8105X GUMZ-3(4) GUD-89 GUDUMP-1 3374110031 337058 37125-58026
5-1502X 5-2031X EG10 GU2300 five-8201X GUMZ-six GUD-ninety GUDUMP-two 3544100131 169144 37125-99901
five-1503X 5-2033X EG20 GU300 5-8202X GUMZ-seven GUH-61 GUDUMP-three 3854100131 550614 37125-76571
five-1505X five-4016X EG30 GU350 5-8500X GUMZ-8 GUH-62 GU2050 3044100031 750610 23571-4101
5-1506X R220 EG40 GU3500 five-8515X GUMZ-nine GUH-sixty three GU7430 361415711 550613 37125-68200
five-1508X R221 EG50 GU400 five-8516X GUMZ-ten GUH-sixty four GU7440 385410571 178258 37125-90128
5-1509X S-D868 EG60 GU500 5-9000X GUMZ-11 GUH-65 GU3550 38541571 297563 37125-90571
5-1510X S-C673 EG60-1 GU500-1 5-9016X GUMZ-twelve GUH-sixty six GU9730 3874100131 750612 48155-99000
five-1511X S-C674 EG70 GU7420 five-9002X GUM-71 GUH-sixty seven GU8110 3634100031 78060 37125-H8500
five-1514X UJ480 EG80 GU9730 Intestine-11 GUM-72 GUH-sixty eight GU3810 294385 294383 37126-01G25
five-1516X UJ997 ST1538 GUA-10 Gut-twelve GUM-seventy three GUH-sixty nine GU7560 294385 337059 37125-25571
5-153X HD205-three ST1539 GUA-fourteen Intestine-13 GUM-seventy five GUH-70 GU8130 337060 550613 37125-7F571
five-155X W-6139 ST1540 GUA-20 Intestine-fourteen GUM-76 GUH-71 GU7530 750614 25713  

The PTO shaft transmits power from the tractor to the PTO electrical power attachment. This permits the tractor to electrical power a selection of tractor equipment, such as flail mowers, sawdust, rotary tillers, excavators, and far more. PTO shaft connectors on tractors are not standardized, which can guide to issues when connecting the PTO shaft. For case in point, on some aged tractors, the connecting flange is relatively near to the tractor alone, so the link is tough and there is a possible security hazard.
china near me U Joint / Universal Joint Bearing for Automobile/Auto, Agricultural Machinery, Truck manufacturers