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Merchandise Description

Product Positive aspects:

1, Product adopt ZheJiang and Janpan CZPT d manufacturing technological innovation, with stable qualityhigh precisiongood elasticitylong use daily life,

two, Creating from Japan spring steel, with good elasticity collets from Welim can be utilized CZPT life (a lot more than 1 million occasions), and producing from ZheJiang superfine tungsten which has higher wear-resisting and warmth-resistant benefits

3. Extensive range and fast supply,

four. CZPT -class high quality, economical price and price-effective,

5, Applicable to planet CZPT auto lathe this kind of as Nomura, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis., CZPT zhu, CZPT , CZPT , CZPT , Changyong, Shendai, and frequent product such as fifteen#, twenty#, 25#, 32#, forty two#, CZPT -made collets is avalable,

6. Applicable to globe CZPT CNC lathe this kind of as

CITIZEN: L10, B12, F16, L16, F20, L20, L25, F25, E32
STAR: SJ8R, SJ15, JNC12, SE16, SE20
TUSUGAMI: NP17, BS12, Bo18, NP11, S20, BU26, BS32
NOMURA: P10, P16, SN127, NN13, NN25
MIYANO: BNC20, BNC34, BNC42, BND51, 171E, 173E
TORNOS: M7, MS7, D7, D10, D13, D20

Item assortment:

Automobile, CNC and meter Lathe Equipment Collection:
Precision collets, tungsten steel chuck and guide bush, feed chuck, spindle, opening and closing claw, cam, tailstock chuck, handbook and pneumatic clip seat, lathe tool and so on

Several Spindle Tapping CZPT components:
Collets, axis, cardan joint, swingarm, hex tube, hex rod, specific device collets Collets for all varieties of imported and domestic mutiple spindle tapping equipment these kinds of as C-3, C-4, C-5, C-6, C-9, C-twelve and CT-3, CT-4, CT-5, CT-6, CT-9, CT-12,

Collet assortment from spherical gap, square gap, hexagonal gap, octagonal hole, and manufactured from spring metal or tungsten steel, also the common concentric and CZPT -developed eccentric collets

Concentricity of regular grade is from .015mm to .005mm, and CZPT AA quality is from .005mm to .002mm.

Safer and a lot more compact to use: The PTO expansion shaft is fully examined, compact and can be changed right without any trouble, creating it an efficient electricity transfer device. Security chains and plastic shields shield against potential hazards throughout transport.
china near me 6-ISO Certificated Universal Cardan Joint for Sale companies