Product Description

Solution Description

A CZPT joint bearing(common coupling, U-joint, Spicer or Hardy Spicer joint, Cardan joint, or Hooke’s joint) is a kind of bearing composed of cross/coupling/spider and four 4 grease-stuffed needle roller bearings.It is commonly used with shafts that transmit rotary motion.It can transmit large torque at reduced friction.

Universal joint bearings are for use in CZPT kinds of application. They are utilized in the automotive industry, for joints in industrial automobile propeller shafts, and also in other industries, for special purposes.

Product Parameters

U-Joints For Japanese Autos

FIG Element NO D O L First NO KOYO MATSUBA Be aware
A Intestine-eleven 20   fifty seven 5711-10011 T2057 UJ212  
B Intestine-twelve 26 fifty three.six 80 5711-30011 T2680C UJ210  
B Gut-thirteen 26 forty two sixty seven 5711-2571 T2667A UJ211.221.231  
A Gut-fourteen 28.5   seventy seven.nine 5711-6571 T2978 UJ214  
A Gut-15 34   107 5711-55011 T34107 UJ216  
A Gut-sixteen forty   118 5711-55571 T40119 UJ215 PLATE LOCK
B Gut-17 29 forty nine 77 5711-3571 T2977 UJ230  
A Gut-19 twenty   57 5711-1571 T2057 UJ222  
B Gut-twenty 32 61 92 5711-36571 T32921 UJ234  
B Gut-21 29 forty nine seventy seven 5711-35571 T2977    
A Intestine-22 40   118 5711-55571     PLATE LOCK
B Gut-23 29 49 77 5711-35030      
A Intestine-24 22.06   fifty seven.5 5711-13571      
A Intestine-25 27   eighty one.seventy five 5711-5711      
FIG Part NO D O L Unique NO KOYO MATSUBA Be aware
B GUN-twenty five 32 sixty four   37125-01J25      
A GUN-26 23.eighty two   61.3 37125-11975 N2461 UJ110  
B GUN-27 25 40   37125-14627 N2563 UJ111  
B GUN-28 twenty.01 35   37125-18571 N2057 UJ112  
B GUN-29 28 fifty   39625-21571 N2880BA UJ114  
A GUN-thirty 30.seventeen   90.1 37125-85461 N3092 UJ115  
I GUN-31 32   107 37125-50001 N32111 UJ116  
A GUN-32 35.five   119.2 37125-58026 N36119 UJ117  
I GUN-33 forty three   128 37125-99901 ND43128 UJ119 Round PLATE
B GUN-34 25 fifty two   37125-76571 N2580 UJ113  
A GUN-36 25   seventy seven.six 23571-4101 NP2578 UJ120  
B GUN-38 26 45.6   37125-68200   UJ121  
I GUN-forty one forty three   135.nine 37125-90128 ND43142 UJ125  
I GUN-forty three fifty five   163.8 37125-90571 ND43128B UJ126  
A GUN-forty four twenty.five   fifty six.6 48155-99000   UJ124  
A GUN-forty five 20.06   52.8 37125-H8500      
B GUN-forty six 27 forty   37126-01G25      
A GUN-47 27   eighty one.75 37125-25571      
A GUN-forty eight 27   81.seventy five 37125-7F571      
FIG Component NO D O L Authentic NO KOYO MATSUBA Notice
A GUMZ-1(5) 25   63.eight 0136-twenty five-060 TM2564A UJ410   UJ411  
A GUMZ-2 20.02   54.8 0180-twenty five-060 TM2055 UJ412  
B GUMZ-3(4) 32 57   0164-25-060 TM3293 UJ414  
B GUMZ-6 28 fifty   0706-89-251 TM2880 UJ415  
B GUMZ-seven 25 40   5719-twenty five-060 TM2564B UJ413  
B GUMZ-eight 37 67   0727-twenty five-060 TM37104 UJ416  
B GUMZ-9 26.5 48   1757-89-251   UJ417  
B GUMZ-10 22.5 35.2   3919-89-251   UJ418  
A GUMZ-eleven 22.06   sixty M026-25-100      
A GUMZ-12 24.06   seventy one.four P001-25-060      
FIG Element NO D O L Original NO KOYO MATSUBA  
I GUM-seventy one forty four   129 14501-27000 M44135 UJ610  
A GUM-seventy two 36   104 13518-22000 M36104 UJ613  
A GUM-73 27   81.seventy five GPW18397 S2782 UJ620  
A GUM-75 31.seventy five   102 MB-000154      
A GUM-76 twenty five.01   seventy seven.eight 13018-21200 M2578A UJ614  
A GUM-77 27   65.three ST-0008 S2765 UJ617  
A GUM-78 25   63.eight ST-0003   UJ619  
A GUM-seventy nine twenty five   63.8 ST-00571 M2564 UJ616  
I GUM-80 46   142 12018-01110 M46142 UJ612  
A GUM-eighty one twenty five   sixty three.8 MB-00345 S2765 UJ625  
A GUM-82 38   104 13501-11571 M38104 UJ624  
I GUM-83 fifty two   153.8 12019-ten thousand   UJ626  
A GUM-eighty four 26   sixty eight 18433-51700   UJ623  
A GUM-85 22.06   sixty four.5 MB000300      
A GUM-86 28.5   seventy seven.9 MT57156 M2978 UJ615  
A GUM-87 thirty MB000119   UJ627  
A GUM-88 twenty five   76.eight MB0571(0008)      
A GUM-89 22.06   67.five        
I GUM-90 forty six   148 14801-06001   UJ629  
A GUM-ninety one twenty five   76.eight MB000948      
A GUM-92 twenty.02   fifty four.eight MB000697      
B GUM-93 30 fifty five.1   MB000267      
A GUM-94 forty   112 MC999961      
B GUM-95 22 37.3   91271-08200      
I GUM-96 fifty two   one hundred seventy MC998476      
A GUM-ninety seven forty four   131 MC998680      
A GUM-ninety eight forty nine.2   154.65 MC825215      
A GUM-ninety nine thirty   71.1 MR165561      
FIG Portion NO D O L Authentic NO KOYO MATSUBA  
A GUD-81 twenty   55 4141-4120   UJ218  
A GUD-82 28   80 4610-4120 D2880 UJ220   UJ225  
A GUD-83 twenty five   sixty three.8 4123-4120   UJ219  
A GUD-eighty four 28.01   80 5711-87301 D2880A    
B GUD-85 28.57   5711-87302 D2992    
A GUD-86 20.02   55.1 5711-87501      
A GUD-87 28.01   80 5711-87303      
B GUD-88 22.five 34.9   5711-87503      
B GUD-89 thirty   5711-87304      
A GUD-90 35   90 5711-37011      
FIG Element NO D O L Original NO KOYO MATSUBA  
I GUH-sixty one forty seven   124 nine-953-3401-01 H47124 UJ511 Round PLATE
I GUH-62 forty seven   138 three-303-3403-01 H47138 UJ512 Round PLATE
A GUH-sixty three 35.01   ninety nine three-331-3403-01 H3599 UJ514  
I GUH-64 50   159 37411-1140     Round PLATE
A GUH-sixty five 36   a hundred and ten.three three-445-3403-04 H36110 UJ516  
A GUH-sixty six 23.82   sixty six 6041-8409-00 H2466 UJ515  
G GUH-67 49.22   148.38 37400-1011      
I GUH-68 47   one hundred forty four 04037-4008   UJ517  
A GUH-69 20   58 45220-1060      
I GUH-70 forty seven   138 37401-1061   UJ519  
I GUH-71 forty seven   144 37401-1571      
I GUH-seventy two 47   a hundred and forty four 37401-1080      
I GUH-73 fifty   165 37401-1571      
A GUH-seventy four 36   115.six 04037-4571      
I GUH-seventy five fifty eight   a hundred seventy five 04037-4033      
A GUH-76 40   116.1 37702-1200      
FIG Portion NO D O L Original NO KOYO MATSUBA  
A GUIS-fifty one 23.82   sixty one.three nine-37300-017 12461 UJ313  
B GUIS-fifty two 29 forty nine   nine-37300-065 12976 UJ314(324)  
I GUIS-54 36   97 nine-37300-055 136101 UJ311  
I GUIS-55 42   a hundred twenty five nine-37300-150 142129A UJ320  
A GUIS-56 23.82   61.three 9-37300-609 12461 UJ313  
I GUIS-fifty seven 47.98   one hundred forty five nine-37300-163 148149 UJ321  
E GUIS-fifty eight 36   97 9-37300-112 136101A UJ312  
A GUIS-fifty nine twenty.five   fifty six 44135-060   UJ315  
G GUIS-60 49.22   148.38 nine-37300-139- 070004AR-one UJ339  
A GUIS-61 23.82   61.3 nine-37300-031      
A GUIS-sixty two 35   103.ninety two one-37300-0130 1351041    
A GUIS-sixty three 22.06   sixty one.7 942571-one      
A GUIS-64 40   one hundred fifteen one-37300-047-      
I GUIS-65 45.98   136 one-37300-004-      
A GUIS-sixty six 33   ninety three 5-37300-032-   UJ325  
G GUIS-sixty seven fifty six   174 one-37300-049-      
I GUIS-sixty eight fifty   155 one-37300-082-      
A GUIS-sixty nine 27   81.seventy five 8-97571-279-      
B GUIS-70 29 forty nine   eight-97080-897-      
B GUIS-71 29 forty nine   eight-97180-697-      
A GUIS-seventy two 42   a hundred and fifteen 1-37300-069-      
B GUIS-seventy nine 25 forty one sixty nine        
B GUS-1 25 forty.two   27200-58833 SZ2564TR UJ700/710  
B GUS-2 20 35   27100-67000      
A GUS-six   59.eight 27200-6051      
A GUS-7 twenty five   63.8 27200-83810/eleven   UJ413  
A GUHO-two twenty five   64 40150-567-003 HD2564LS UJ811  
A GUHO-3 twenty five   sixty five 44330-538-004 HD2265 UJ810  
B GUSR-2 23 44.6   6234-0571 F2064 UJ150  
B GUSR-three 28 fifty three.1   6232-4300      
B GUSR-four 25 40   6220-32000      
FIG Component NO D O L First NO KOYO MATSUBA  
A GUDUMP-1 20   fifty seven.5 S164-61040- HM2058 UJ912  
A GUDUMP-2 twenty five   77 S164-61047- HM2577 UJ911  
A GUDUMP-three 22   62 YK220A   UJ910  
FIG Portion NO C to C/D   L Original NO KOYO Observe  
G GUKO-one 33.32   79.22 one hundred and one-ten-17100 BAU571571    
G GUKO-2 33.32   79.22 101-ten-17200 BAU571571    
G GUKO-four 36.4   107.ninety eight 111-ten-16110 BAU040011B    
G GUKO-five forty two.88   one hundred fifteen.05 131-10-46110 BAM050001C    
G GUKO-six 42.88   140.45 135-fourteen-00030      
G GUKO-eight seventy one.44   a hundred sixty five.01 175-20-00060 BAM085001F    
G GUKO-11 50.1   208 a hundred and fifty-eleven-00097      
G GUKO-12 33.32   79.22 111-60-11110 BAM571035    
A GUKO-thirteen 23.eighty two   sixty one.3 154-sixty six-12100 BAM050001C    
G GUKO-fourteen   208 380-135764-one BAU040011B    
G GUKO-15 49.2   148.38 380-136142-one BAU070011C    
A GUKO-16 38.ninety five   109.4 380-154073-1 UJK35106    
A GUKO-17 thirty.18   ninety two.05 380-154081-1      
G GUKO-18 forty two.88   115.05 380-89571-1 BAU050001C    
G GUKO-19 forty two.88   one hundred fifteen.05 381-881908-1      
G GUKO-twenty 36.4   107.98 381-972625-one BAU040011D    
G GUKO-21 forty two.88   a hundred and forty.forty five 381-976907-one BAU060011D    
G GUKO-22 forty two.88   one hundred forty.forty five 381-976908-1 BAU060011A    
G GUKO-23 36.4   107.98 381-985204-1      
G GUKO-25 36.4   107.98 385-10175881      
G GUKO-26 42.88   140.forty five 385-10178571      
G GUKO-27 forty nine.two   148.38 385-10193741      
G GUKO-28 forty two.88   one hundred fifteen.05 385-15718601      
FIG Part NO C to C   L Unique NO      
G GUTC-1 forty five   129 25073-35719      
G GUTC-two forty six   134 24571-30301      
G GUTC-3 forty five   129 25073-35712      
G GUTC-4 36.4   107.ninety eight 26113-38001      
G GUTC-five forty two.88   115.05 93984-41300      
G GUTC-six 42.88   a hundred and forty.forty five 29003-37221      
G GUTC-7 forty nine.two   148.38 93984-03600      
G GUTC-eight 36.4   107.98 93950-14000      

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1. We have in excess of ten years’ experience.
2. CZPT or CZPT -Normal CZPT s: Any prerequisite for CZPT -common bearings is effortlessly fulfilled by us due to CZPT large information and backlinks in the sector.
3. Following Income Services and CZPT nical Help: Our company provides after-revenue support and technical assistance as for each the CZPT er’s specifications and requirements.
four. Quick Delivery: Our business provides just-in-time shipping and delivery with CZPT streamlined supply chain.
five.We attend promptly to any CZPT er queries. We believe that if CZPT CZPT ers are satisfied then it proves CZPT well worth. Our CZPT ers are often offered fast support.                              

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Designed for adjustable (lower length) capacity. Interchangeability to suit most competitor designs. Offered in splined and sq. shaft profiles. Straightforward lock defense framework that can be assembled or disassembled rapidly and simply with simple tools these kinds of as keys, cash or screwdrivers. The Prolonged Lubrication Electronic Kit reduces downtime with 50-250 hour lubrication intervals and a large temperature triple lip seal for far better grease retention. Provide specialist engineering and product sales support to clients.