china Cheap Universal Joints With 4 Grooved /Plain Round Bearings(5-100X 5-101X 5-103X 5-105X 5-10X 5-111X 5-113X 5-1200X 5-1201X 5-1203X 5-1204X 5-12062X 5-1206X 5-12072X) manufacturers

Solution Description

Solution Description

A CZPT joint bearing(universal coupling, U-joint, Spicer or Hardy Spicer joint, Cardan joint, or Hooke’s joint) is a kind of bearing composed of cross/coupling/spider and four 4 grease-crammed needle roller bearings.It is frequently used with shafts that transmit rotary motion.It can transmit huge torque at low friction.

Common joint bearings are for use in CZPT kinds of application. They are used in the automotive business, for joints in commercial automobile propeller shafts, and also in other industries, for special programs.

Merchandise Parameters

U-Joints With 4 Plain Round CZPT s(FIG-A)
U-Joints With 4 Grooved Spherical CZPT s(FIG-B)


B five-100X 25.4 38.five   5-100X G5-100X   514  
A 5-101X 23.eighty two   sixty one.3 5-101X GU400 HS150 340  
B five-103X 23.83 35   five-103X G5-103X HS410 338  
B five-105X twenty five.4 38.5   5-105X G5-105X   514G  
A 5-10X 30.188   106.35 5-10X GU2050 HS179 330  
A 5-111X 23.825   sixty one.three five-111X   HS194 341  
A 5-113X 27   eighty one.seventy eight five-113X G5-113X HS166 369  
B five-1200X 27 57.4   5-1200X G5-1200X   429  
B 5-1201X 27/28.6 fifty five.5   five-1201X G5-1201X   430  
B five-1203X 27 67.six   5-1203X G5-1203X   433  
AB five-1204X 27/28.6 67.six ninety two 5-1204X     434  
A five-12062X 48.05   161 five-12062X   HS268    
B five-1206X 30.188 seventy six.28   five-1206X G5-1206X   427  
A five-12072X fifty seven.05   162.9 5-12072X        
A 5-12100X forty five   a hundred and twenty.4 five-12100X GU7530 HS260    
A five-121X 27   81.seventy five 5-121X G5-121X      
B five-12213X 38 fifty seven.2   five-12213X GU7300      
A five-12219X 48.05   125.eight five-12219X GU7620 HS272    
A 5-12276X forty four.1   149 five-12276X        
A 5-12278X fifty   164 5-12278X        
A 5-12924X 52   133 five-12924X GU7560 HS282    
A five-12932X 57.07   152 5-12932X GU7630 HS289    
A five-129X 28.six   sixty six.five 5-129X GGPL-14R   880  
B five-1300X 31.twenty five 46   5-1300X GU2500      
B 5-1301X 31.three seventy one.five   five-1301X G5-1301X   304  
B five-1306X 27.4 fifty.9   five-1306X G5-1306X HS442 315G  
B five-1306X-one 27.four 50.8   5-1306X-one G5-1306X-one HS442 317  
B five-1309X 28.6 sixty three.96   5-1309X G5-1309X   316  
AB 5-1312X 28.6/28.58 ninety one 60 5-1312X     375  
A 5-134X 27   ninety two/eighty one.7 five-134X G5-134X   353  
B 5-1500X 20.02 34.7   five-1500X GUN28 HS124 392  
B 5-1501X twenty five.02 forty   five-1501X GUN27 HS420 391  
B 5-1502X 26 forty two   five-1502X GUT13 HS432 394  
B 5-1503X 25.02 39.8   five-1503X        
B 5-1505X 28.02 52.9   five-1505X GUN29 HS448 393  
B 5-1506X 38 fifty seven.2   five-1506X GU7300 HS480 463  
B five-1508X 26 53.six   five-1508X GUT12 HS436 390  
A five-1509X 28.52   77.7 five-1509X GUT14 HS172 396  
B five-1510X 29 forty nine   5-1510X GUT17 HS454 387  
B 5-1511X 32 61   five-1511X GUT20 HS470 389  
B five-1514X 22.fifty two 34   5-1514X     385  
A 5-1516X twenty five.02   seventy six.44 5-1516X GUM88 HS153 399  
A 5-153X 27   81.seventy eight five-153X GU1000 HS166 369  
A five-155X 34.93   126.22 five-155X G5-155X HS275 358  
A 5-160X 30.188   106.35 5-160X GU2050 HS179 330  
A 5-165X forty one.24   142 five-165X G5-165X HS252 359  
B 5-170X 23.83 34.85   5-170X G5-170X HS410 338  
A five-178X thirty.188   ninety two.075 five-178X GU2200 HS182 331  
A five-188X 34.93   106.31 5-188X GU2300 HS263 351  
A five-200X 27   81.78 five-200X G5-200X HS166 329  
B five-2011X 25.four fifty five   5-2011X GU6200 HS430 507  
AB five-212X 27.02/28.6 sixty.two ninety two five-212X G5-212X   355  
A 5-213X 27   ninety two five-213X G5-213X   354  
B five-242X 27.04 41.8   five-242X GGL-12R HS440 995  
A five-243X 31.seventy five   eighty one.4 5-243X GGP-35R HS202 964  
AB 5-248X twenty five.39/27 38.6 62 5-248X     361  
A 5-251X 27   81.seventy five 5-251X G5-251X HS166 369  
B 5-2532X 28.six 49   five-2532X     513  
B 5-260X 27 52.5   5-260X G5-260X HS162 365  
A 5-263X 34.ninety three   106.31 5-263X G5-263X HS263 351  
B five-273X 27 67.six   five-273X G5-273X   433  
A 5-275X 34.93   126.22 five-275X G5-275X HS275 358  
B five-297X thirty.2 52.five   5-297X G5-297X HS457 371  
B 5-297X-one thirty.2 fifty two.five   5-297X-1 G5-297X-1 HS457 377  
B 5-3011X 28.6 fifty nine.nine   five-3011X   HS453 492  
AB five-3571X 27/28.six 60.2 81.seventy eight five-3571X     372  
A 5-3147X 28.6 60.2   5-3147X GU6370 HS451 534G  
B five-350X 27 fifty six.eight   5-350X     366  
B five-353X 27/27.four fifty.8/fifty six.8   five-353X G5-353X   319  
A 5-431X 33.3   67.forty eight 5-431X GGP-44R   888  
A 5-443X 27.01   sixty one.ninety five 5-443X G5-443X HS197 437G  
AB 5-450X 27.01/27 52.five 81.78 5-450X     455  
A 5-4X 27.009   74.six 5-4X GU1100 HS195 344  
AB 5-544X 28.6/27 sixty eighty one.four 5-544X     372  
B 5-74X 27 fifty two.4   five-74X G5-260X HS441 356  
B five-92X 24.61 34.36   5-92X GGPL-6R HS416 861  
A EG10 22.02   54.15 K5-A588 GUA-3 HS130 811  
A EG20 23.eighty two   61.45 K5-A64 GUA-5 HS185 341AG  
A EG30 27.02   70.fifteen K5-A590 GUA-seven HS168 813  
A EG40 27.02   seventy four.8 K5-LGB36R GUA-eight HS186 344AG  
A EG50 thirty.22   eighty.fifteen K5-A591 GUA-eleven HS198 815  
A EG60 thirty.22   92.2 K5-LGB182 GUA-12 HS182 331AG  
A EG60-one 30.2   ninety two EG60-one        
A EG70 30.22   106.65 K5-A536 GUA-thirteen HS179 330  
A EG80 34.92   106.five K5-A538 GUA-seventeen HS183 351AG  
A ST1538 fifteen          
A ST1539 15          
A ST1540 fifteen   40          
A ST1638 16   38          
A ST1639 16   39          
A ST1640 sixteen   forty          
A ST1940 19   forty          
A ST1948 19   forty eight          
A SPL140-1X 49.22   139 SPL140-1X        
A SPL170-1X 55.02   164 SPL170-1X        
A SPL250-1X sixty   163 SPL250-1X        
A SPL70-1X 34.9   126.1 SPL70-1X        
A SPL90-1X forty one.28   126 SPL90-1X        
A AP0-10 22   fifty four.eight 40116 GUA-four HS132 812  
A AP3-11 27   70 40127 GUA-7 HS168 813  
A AP4-21 27   seventy four.six 44444 GUA-8 HS186 344G  
A AP0-35 32   seventy six 312410 GUA-14 HS204 814  
A AP1-00 22   54   GUA-3 HS130 811  
A AP2106 23.8/27   74.62/91     HS786    
A AP3506 27/32.02   94/76     HS787    
A C01 eighteen   forty seven   GUA-one HS108    
A C737 23.84   sixty one.two          
A C741 27.01   74.sixty five          
A C770 27.01   81.seventy five          
A C771 30.2   106.3          
A CZ-one hundred seventy 27   eighty          
A CZ-183 27   71.3          
A CZ-280 65.03   189.7          
A GU1000 27   eighty one.78 five-153X GU1000 HS166 369  
A GU1100 27.009   seventy four.six   GU1100 HS195 344  
A GU1210 27   62   GU1210      
A GU200 24   63.31   GU200      
A GU2000 30.188   106.35 5-160X GU2000 HS179 330  
A GU2050 30.188   106.35 five-160X GU2050 HS179 330  
A GU2200 30.188   ninety two.075 5-178X GU2200 HS182 331  
A GU2300 34.ninety three   106.31 5-188X GU2300 HS263 351  
A GU300 19.05   fifty two   GU300 HS119    
A GU350 19.05   51.ninety five   GU350      
A GU3500 39.675   a hundred and fifteen.forty two   GU3500 HS176 370  
A GU400 23.82   61.3   GU400 HS150 340  
A GU500 23.82   sixty one.six K5-LGB80R GU500 HS194 341  
A GU500-1 23.82   sixty one.3   GU500-one      
A GU7420 30   82.four   GU7420      
A GU9730 48   116   GU9730 K5-A623    
A GUA-10 thirty   eighty two.1   GUA-10      
A GUA-fourteen 32   seventy five.nine   GUA-fourteen HS204 814  
A GUA-20 36   89   GUA-20 HS230 817  
A GUK-twelve 27   eighty   GUK-12      
A U447 42.12   104.five   GU4470   5871.five  
A U728/four 24.09   seventy four.55   GU7280/four      
A U743 35   96.8   GU7430 HS222    
A U744 38.03   one zero five.six   GU7440 HS236    
A U753 45   a hundred and twenty.4   GU7530 HS260    
A U756 52   133   GU7560 HS282    
A U761 fifty three   135   GU7610 HS284    


Our Advantages

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You should make contact with us instantly if you have any questions.

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china Cheap Universal Joints With 4 Grooved /Simple Spherical Bearings(5-100X 5-101X 5-103X 5-105X 5-10X 5-111X 5-113X 5-1200X 5-1201X 5-1203X 5-1204X 5-12062X 5-1206X 5-12072X) makers