china best Best Natural Extra Thin Joint Single Booklet 3 in 1 100 Organic Smoking Rolling Papers manufacturers

Item Description

 Classic CZPT Dimension Slim Rolling Papers


Paper Type



Rice Paper


Paper Coloration



Paper CZPT ght





Paper Measurement


one 1/4Size

King Slim

King Dimension

Package Materials

Kraft(foods quality), C2S/C1S Cardboard(meals grade),Etc.

Package Effect

Laser, 3D result, Sizzling stamping, Coating film, And so forth.


33leaves/booklet, 50booklets/box, 50boxes/carton.


Return CZPT soon after proofing & buying

Filter: with/with no

OEM: suitable

MOQ: 100 box

Certification: SGS/FSC

Provide Ability

4 million packs/thirty day period


A outstanding network of sources. CZPT on solution high quality and clientele service. Currently with very good experience for massive bulk orders.





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china best Best Natural Extra Thin Joint Single Booklet 3 in 1 a hundred Organic and natural Cigarette smoking Rolling Papers producers